alumínium bass boat forma


  • CE Certified
  • Width - 175cm
  • Length - 475cm
  • Weight -160-180kg
  • Bass boat platform (pergetőplatform) – tetszőlegesen alakítható
  • 30 lóerőig motorizálható
  • Materials -Body aluminum 3-4mm, transom material 2*4mm, extra stiff, highly resistant to welding, forging, saltwater. Is used even in nuclear plants.
  • Transom height defined by customer
  • Up to 4-6 people 

Fishing Long

  • We are creating 540cm long boats from each model

33 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. Guten Tag
    Wir sind aus der Schweiz und sehr interessiert
    Mit wie viel KW ist das Boot Motorisierbar
    Liefern Sie nach Süddeutschland?
    wie viel kostet die Anglerversion?
    Danke Für Ihre Antwort

    1. Hallo, danke für die Interesse. Laut CE die Classic und Fishing Modellen sind bis zu 30PS motorisierbar, Speed bis zu 70PS. Ja wir haben ein Händler der Süddeutschland abdecken kann. Rufen Sie uns an für die Einzelheiten (+36302372199) wir scprechen DE und Eng.

  2. hello, I would like to buy a fishing boat from you in March.
    Please send me the price, a brief description of the ship and the address where I can see the ship. Please call me +420724892829. Thank you with Regard Tomas

    1. Dear Thomas, we are a small manufacture garage here in Hungary, building fast aluminum boats. We don’t have boats in our backyard waiting to be sold, once a boat is ready, client comes and takes it away ASAP. I will call you this weekend if its comfortable for you.

  3. hello, i have serious interest about your fish boat. I would like to ask you for more information – if it possible to add platform for in front of elektric engine, term delivery etc. Contact me please on email or mobile phone +420 725 057 713 Regards Tomas Mraz

  4. Üdv, a 4,75 méteres fishing boat árára lennék kíváncsi, ill. a Dunán mekkora motor ajánlott hozzá 1-2 fő.
    Köszönöm, e-mail-en kérném a válaszukat. Üdv, -Z-

    1. Kedves Zoltán a mail elment. A Dunán minimum 10LE motort ajánlok. Azzal már tempósan lehet közlekedni egy fővel. Kettővel már kell a 15hp 38-40 es lejtmeneti sebességhez…és így tovább. Ha az embert megcsípi a darázs…

  5. Hello, I am interested in this boat can you give me a rough estimate of the price in the configuration shown in the picture above, and usually how long manufacturing one would take in normal conditions. I understand now may not be a good time given the situation, from a supply point of view, but when things get back to normal, how long would it take?
    Thank you.

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