Facts about Rumann boats

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AWI technology is optimal for boat building. Industry trained welders from western Europe are the key for quality and accurate work. They know the best what is needed for a boat to keep up to intense usage. Image tells everything:

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Nagyon stabil:

A képen a következők lehetnek: hajó, túra/szabadtéri, természet és víz

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You see our boat hit by a car from behind. The outboard (Tohatsu 20hp) was broken right at the point where an outboard the strongest is. Nothing happened with the transom-it remained intact.

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A képen a következők lehetnek: 1 személy, mosolyog, túra/szabadtéri, víz és természet
A képen a következők lehetnek: egy vagy több ember, túra/szabadtéri, víz és természet

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...and last about the main point of Rumann boats! Every type of hull is to be found in hungarian domestic waters. Pseudo-catamaran, flat, shallow-deep V. Rumann hull is HYBRID azaz ötvözi a V és a lapos aljakat (modV). Sikláskor kiül a siklófelületre ezért kisebb felületen találkozik vízzel így kisebb surlódási erők hatnak rá. Ezért van az, hogy a kinyúlt siklásban levő vízszintes testünk a partról nézve “nem éri a vizet”.

Couple words about hull types:

Flat hullV hullPseudo-catamaran hullModV Hull (Rumann)
Pro'sFastest hull type. Easy to produce. Stabile if wide.Resists waves, good curve capability, easy and cheap to produce.Stabile, when planning only a small portion of the hull is touching water, therefore fast.Stabile, easy planner, fast because only the planning area is touching water. Front cuts waves.
Con'sBy higher speed (20km/h+) very noisy on waves. Dangerous by sharp curves.Slowest hull type. V is cutting deep in water, causing massive friction. Static and dynamic stability is small. Swings if not heavy. If heavy, needs bigger engines.Cavitation by propellers. Needs bigger engines to kick boat in planning. Flat parts are noisy on waves.Planning area is slightly drifting causing fun to owners. Very costly to produce such hulls.
Usage areaNo wave waters.Bigger lakes, DanubeBigger lakes, DanubeBigger lakes, Danube
Rumann barci aluminiu
Almost "not touching" water when planning